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Mawtini Series: Introductory Sources on Palestine

Hello! Here’s my first blogpost in the Mawtini series, I really hope you find this useful. If you don’t know about the Mawtini series, you can check out my blogpost where I explain what it is! I want to raise as much awarenss on Palestine as I can, and I’ve had a lot of mutuals (and non-mutuals) ask for sources on Palestinian history and politics, which is why I decided to start this series. I hope this can help you…

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Introducing the ‘Mawtini’ Series!

Let’s be honest: anyone that knows me knew this was coming sooner or later. I knew the day I started this blog that at some point I wanted to do something centred around Palestine, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past few months. My blog is about books and bookish stuff, but I feel like I won’t be truly myself on here if I never talk about Palestine. Palestine is a huge part of me, and…

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